A Beginner's Guide To Understanding Horseriding Apparel

Posted on: 2 February 2016

Most people know that before you ride a horse, you should learn how to control and direct the horse, understand how to prepare the horse for riding, and how to care for the horse. What most new horse riders don't realize is the importance of what they wear while riding a horse. When you're choosing a riding outfit, it's important to think about your comfort and safety. Check out these tips to learn how to select the best riding attire.


Even if you think it's cute, you shouldn't wear a cowboy hat to go horseback riding. It's extremely important that you wear proper headgear so that your head is protected in case of an accident. You need an equestrian helmet that fits you properly.

Equestrian helmets look similar to bicycle helmets. However, unlike bicycle helmets they protect your forehead, the back of your head, and the sides of your head if you fall, and they are designed to absorb impact from the height of a horse. Ideally, you should purchase a helmet that is ASTM/SEI certified, because the American Medical Equestrian Association estimates that helmets that are approved have decreased horseback-riding related head injuries by 50 percent. If a helmet is ASTM/SEI certified, you'll find an ASTM/SEI seal on the inside of the helmet.


You don't need a special shirt to go horseback riding. However, you should make sure that the shirt that you choose isn't really loose, because you don't want your shirt to get caught on a small tree branch as you ride. If you're riding in the winter, you can put a padded vest over your shirt to keep you warm. However, you shouldn't wear a winter coat because it restricts your arms too much. If you're riding along a wooded trail, it's best to choose a shirt in a bright color for added visibility.


Pants that are loose-fitting can also get caught on branches as you ride, so you should choose pants that fit you well. It's best to purchase a pair of breeches, such as pikeur breeches from a company like Cool Equestrian, because proper riding breeches will give you a better grip. They also won't bunch or twist along the inside of your leg while you ride. You can purchase pikeur breeches for different seasons. Winter riding breeches are typically made using fleece fabric to keep you warm, while breeches that you would wear in warmer weather are made from durable, lightweight material. You can also purchase breeches with leather seat and knee patches to increase your grip.

Riding Boots

When you're riding a horse, it's just as important to wear the right kind of riding boots as it is to wear a good helmet. You need to choose riding boots that support your ankle. Also, your riding boots should have a low heel to keep your foot from slipping and have low tread so that your foot doesn't get stuck in the stirrup.

Choosing the right riding gear for horseback riding helps keep you comfortable and safe while you ride. So, make sure you have a proper helmet, good riding boots, a fitted shirt, and a pair of riding breeches before you get on your horse.