Finding A Unique Piece Of Jewelry At A Low Cost

Posted on: 26 January 2016

If you need to go to a corporate function where your apparel will be scrutinized by others, you may wish to have an eye-catching piece of jewelry to complement your ensemble. If funds are limited, you will need to think of unique ways to obtain jewelry at a lower cost. Here are some ideas you can use to get a great piece of jewelry without breaking the bank to do so.

Find Used Pieces At Sales

Check your local newspaper for yard sales, estate sales, and auctions in your area. Many times people will place a chest full of jewelry out for sale without doing appraisals on each piece in advance. You may find something off the beaten path for a fraction of the cost you would pay for it new. Even if you don't find something of monetary value, you may find an heirloom that can be used as a conversational piece.

Auctions may have higher valued pieces. Bring along cash and bid on a few pieces you believe will retain their value, so you can get your money back should you decide to sell them down the road.

Check Out A Pawn Shop

You may be able to find jewelry from a pawn shop. These items may have been exchanged for money by someone experiencing a tough time. The pieces are usually sold to customers for a much less cost than they would in a retail store. Make sure to check the pawn shop several times before your event as the items they have for sale can change daily. Let the owner know you are looking for jewelry and they can call you if someone happens to drop off a piece before your event date.

Make A Purchase From Home

Have a personal jewelry business consultant come to your home to discuss your specific needs. A consultant will be able to show you some fine pieces of jewelry in a private setting. You will not need to worry about being watched by others in a store or making a decision on the spot. Your consultant will bring along a mirror and allow you to try on each piece so you can see how it fits and feels. You can even run to your bedroom to make a clothing change to see which piece looks best with the outfit choices you had selected. These pieces will not have the retail mark-up that stores would give to them, making it cost-effective for the buyer as a result. This is also a great way at obtaining new pieces of jewelry rather than used ones.