• Inspirational And Sentimental—Afrocentric Patches For Clothing

    Afrocentrism focuses on cultural history that is related to African Americans. African Americans may look up to their ancestors and be proud of the heritage that has made them who they are today. Colorful patches that depict an Afrocentric theme can be used to emblazon jackets, coats, and other outwear or clothing products.  Patches Can Be Inspirational To Someone Many people in the past have fought for the freedoms that the African American community has. [Read More]

  • Styling A Parisian Cream Floral Ruffle Dress

    A Parisian cream ruffle dress with a floral pattern can look lovely for so many different occasions. You'll look right in place wearing such a dress to a wedding, out to a nice dinner, or even in a professional setting. But how do you style and accessorize such a dress? Here are a few recommendations. Choose Heels in a Color That’s Used in the Dress in Small Amounts   Look at the colors in the floral pattern of the dress. [Read More]

  • Protecting Yourself Against The Sun

    Hooded sun shirts can be an important garment to buy for those that enjoy spending time outdoors. While these can be practical and stylish garments to own, individuals often fail to appreciate the benefits that a hooded sun shirt will be able to provide or what they should expect from wearing one. Assumption: Sunscreen Is More Effective Than Sun Shirts Sunscreen is an effective and popular tool for reducing the risk of skin damage occurring due to sun exposure. [Read More]