Protecting Yourself Against The Sun

Posted on: 24 February 2022

Hooded sun shirts can be an important garment to buy for those that enjoy spending time outdoors. While these can be practical and stylish garments to own, individuals often fail to appreciate the benefits that a hooded sun shirt will be able to provide or what they should expect from wearing one.

Assumption: Sunscreen Is More Effective Than Sun Shirts

Sunscreen is an effective and popular tool for reducing the risk of skin damage occurring due to sun exposure. However, individuals should avoid assuming that sunscreen will be superior to a sun shirt. While sunscreen is able to drastically reduce the amount of ultraviolet light that a person's skin absorbs, sun shirts are able to block this light for the covered areas of the body. By combining these garments with sunscreen on the face and hands, a person can substantially improve their protection against ultraviolet exposure when they are outdoors.

Assumption: A Hooded Sun Shirt Will Be Extremely Hot

Unfortunately, there are many people that will simply avoid the option of using a hooded sun shirt due to the belief that it will make them very hot when they are outside. In reality, these sun shirts are designed to have as much ventilation as possible, which can help to keep the wearer cool. Additionally, these shirts may be designed with materials that will reflect as much of the heat from the sun as possible. Together, these factors will allow a person to wear the shirt to protect themselves without being uncomfortably hot while they are spending time outdoors.

Assumption: Hooded Sun Shirts Will Restrict Your Range Of Motion

Individuals who enjoy hiking, running, or other physical outdoor activities can find themselves at a greater risk of being exposed to dangerous amounts of sunlight. While hooded sun shirts can be an ideal form of protection for these individuals, they may shy away from this option over concerns about their range of motion being limited by the sun shirt. However, a properly fitted sun shirt will not negatively impact a person's range of motion. To keep these garments fitting you as well as possible, it is advisable to wash them with cool water so that heat is unable to warp their size or shape. Also, these garments should be either allowed to air dry or to be dried by themselves on a low setting. This will further reduce the risk of damage occurring to these fabrics when you clean them.

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