3 Custom Hat Features Ideal For Family Vacations

Posted on: 9 March 2023

When large families or groups go on vacation together, fun themes can help highlight the trip and create great memories. While many families will wear custom t-shirts with a similar theme, you have the option to purchase custom hats for your vacation.

A custom private label hat manufacturer can supply you with custom hats that featured embroidered sections and details like the family last name or a fun tagline like "Johnson Family Vacation". Once you decide on the hat design, you can select from multiple features to really complete the design. Check out some of the features to consider for custom hats.

1. Snapback Designs

When you place a large order of hats, you don't want to rely on individual sizes to fit every member of your family. To help ensure the hats fit everyone, you can order a snapback design with an adjustable snap on the reverse side of the hat. The snapback feature allows you to order all of the same hats so they all match.

You can order extra hats just in case someone loses one or you add extra guests for the trip.

2. Meshback Designs

Whether you go to an amusement park, a resort, or another vacation location, you want a hat that can breathe and doesn't cause a lot of sweat. A hat with a meshback design can still offer optimal sun protection while featuring a natural airflow in the back. The meshback includes a mesh with small holes across the whole back panels.

The meshback design also makes the hat feel lighter so family members can wear hats for longer without feeling a lot of head fatigue.

3. Color Theme Designs

When you order a custom hat, you have a lot of color schemes to choose from. You can select colors that match the places you plan to visit or a color scheme that matches other elements of your vacation attire like custom t-shirts. You can select one color for the panels and another color for the brim of the hat.

The embroidered text can also come in a wide range of colors. Before you order the hats, discuss color options with the family to select the best options for everyone involved on the trip. Along with the base color, you can go more detailed with specific color tones or patterns.

Contact a custom private label cap manufacturer to plan out your hat designs and have them created with plenty of time before your big vacation. For more information, contact a custom private-label hat manufacturer near you.