Styling A Parisian Cream Floral Ruffle Dress

Posted on: 3 June 2022

A Parisian cream ruffle dress with a floral pattern can look lovely for so many different occasions. You'll look right in place wearing such a dress to a wedding, out to a nice dinner, or even in a professional setting. But how do you style and accessorize such a dress? Here are a few recommendations.

Choose Heels in a Color That’s Used in the Dress in Small Amounts


Look at the colors in the floral pattern of the dress. Is there one of them that would look nice on heels? For example, maybe there are some coral flowers that you are really drawn to. You could then look for heels in coral. With a patterned dress, you want to choose heels in a solid color so you don't end up with too many patterns pieced together. Pumps look right in place with this sort of ruffle dress, but if it's summer, you can get away with strappy, heeled sandals.

Pair It With Simple Jewelry

With such a bold, floral pattern, you don't want to use jewelry that is too loud or flashy. A string of pearls would look absolutely lovely with your Parisian ruffle dress, as pearls and ruffles have the same sort of feminine vibe. If you're not into pearls, another good choice would be a simple, silver chain with an emblem or a gem on it. You could even forego the necklace and instead wear a pair of diamond studs, paired with a diamond tennis bracelet. The bling of the diamonds is a nice contrast to the more subtle, matte look of the dress material.

Look for a Ruffled Purse or Bag

For your purse or bag, look for something that has a subtle ruffle like the one on your dress. This is an easy way to echo the ruffles without creating too overwhelming a look. A larger bag will definitely look in place with this sort of dress, but you want one that is less structured and more slouchy. If you're not a big bag person, you could instead look for a small clutch that you can carry in one hand. One with a single ruffle across one side would be perfect.

A Parisian-style cream floral ruffle dress is sure to help you feel feminine and beautiful. Keep the advice above in mind when styling this dress, and you can create a look that's cohesive and versatile.

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