Imagination Station: How To Make Laundry Time Constructive For Children

Posted on: 27 January 2016

Having to go to the laundromat and sit still can be difficult for kids. The washing, drying, and folding process typically takes a few hours, depending on how many loads you have. With a family, this can be several loads and several hours waiting around for clothing to be done. For kids, this waiting process can seem grueling. Instead of having children sit around waiting and bored, turn the time in the laundromat into something constructive. Here are a few ideas on how to spend laundromat time with children. 

Make it the only TV or movie time

If you like to limit television and movie time for your children, you can make the laundromat time their television time. The night before you go to get the washing done, you should charge up the tablet or the laptop and load it with movies. Make sure you bring along a small extension cord or an external battery, in case there is a lack of sockets inside of the laundromat. Allow the kids to watch all of their favorite shows while you work on the laundry. This also helps to extend time together at home without television time.

Make it a homework date

While you are getting your chores done, the kids can spend that time getting their homework done. When you are loading up the laundry, load up the backpacks and pencils to bring along to the laundromat. Since there is typically a lot of down time while waiting for the washing and drying cycles to end, you can spend this time wisely by helping the children with their homework. The plus side to getting school work done during laundromat time is that they won't have time to concentrate on being bored while watching the laundry turn, but they will instead use the time constructively. Once you go home, everyone will have their homework done, and since the chores are done, you can have a relaxing day together.  

Make it meal time

If one of the ways that you spend time with your family is through meal time, you can take this to the laundromat. Get take out together or pack up a meal in to-go containers from home and bring it along with you to the laundromat. Once you add the clothing to the washing machines, you can sit out your food to have a meal and talk to one another. This will give you and your children the chance to sit down together. The laundromat is also the perfect place to be if any spills or accidents happen with clothing or linens. Be sure to pack the clothing and the food in separate bags so that your clothing does not pick up any food scents on the drive home. 

Now that you know how to keep your kids busy during laundry time, bring your laundry to a place like South Street Laundromat and get started on that chore!