Need A Gift For A Nursing Graduate Or Student In The Medical Field? The Great Gifts To Pick

Posted on: 10 February 2016

If you have a child, family member or friend that has recently become a nurse or is working in the medical field and you want to get them a great gift they will cherish, there are a lot of great options. There may not just be things that they want when they graduate, but things that they need.

Since they are going to be starting their professional life, they will need to have professional attire and the right uniform. Here are a few things to consider giving the graduate.


The new graduate will need to spend money on scrubs, depending on what their new employer requires that they wear. They may not have the funds to spend a ton of money on work clothes, so purchasing the scrubs for them is a great gift. You can find discounted scrubs online, or even a gift card to a retailer that has scrubs is a great idea.

Work Shoes

A great pair of tennis shoes that are designed for hours of walking and standing on your feet, or a pair of shoes that are slip resistant and designed for long wear can be costly. A great pair of shoes can improve your loved one's productivity and may be needed for their job. If so, getting them a high quality pair of shoes they don't want to splurge for, or a gift card for the shoes, is ideal.

Stethoscope Set

Does the graduate need a high quality stethoscope that they can use in the field? Maybe one that is engraved with their name and has a traveling case? This is ideal and you can ask them if they want a certain brand or color.

Water Proof Watch

People working in the medical field often need to know the exact time so they can document events, so they'll need a watch to take a pulse and more. They may need a watch that isn't going to be affected by any type of fluids and that fits comfortably. Something that is durable and resistant to wearing would be a great gift.

If you aren't sure what exactly you want to get the student, don't hesitate to ask them what they need so they can be successful in the field. At first they may need some uniforms and shoes to get started, or even some gas money to get to their place of employment because they have to make a long commute.