Buying The Right Sleepwear

Posted on: 3 August 2016

Recently, multiple articles have been published extolling the advantages of sleeping nude. Surprisingly, research finds that sleeping nude helps you sleep better, feel happier, lose belly fat, and have more intimacy with your partner. Despite all these benefits, only about 10% of Americans sleep nude. If you are one of the people who just do not like the idea of going nude at night, you can still find comfortable and healthy sleepwear.


You may own some sexy boxers or nighties that look great but are largely made from polyester. It's fine to wear them to impress a partner, but for sleep comfort, you should choose another fabric. Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics around in warmer climates and is quite breathable. For colder climates, however, you may not stay warm enough with just cotton. Cotton does a poor job of drawing moisture away from your body, so if you are prone to sweating, it's not the best choice. Silk can keep you both warm or cool, depending on the temperature in the bedroom. It is slightly higher maintenance, frequently requiring dry cleaning. However, your neighborhood dry cleaner can help you keep your silk in top condition. Of course, if you live in a northern state, the warmth and comfort of flannel during the winter cannot be surpassed.


If you do not feel that nudity is an option for you, you can still choose nightwear that is comfortable and attractive. Research shows that many people choose to simply sleep in their underwear. Twenty-three percent wear t-shirts and shorts. If you have a partner, you do not need to dress "sexy" nightly, but you should consider donning neat PJs or an attractive nightgown. You will feel better about how you look, which may inspire more intimacy with your significant other. Plus, your partner will appreciate the effort. You may also sleep better simply because you have prepared for sleep, something that experts recommend. The right nightwear can actually improve your life.

Undressing completely is the most healthy way to sleep, but, for a number of reasons, you may not feel comfortable with this option. Maybe you have children who hop in bed with you at night, or perhaps you feel too exposed. You can choose comfortable options to nudity. Do not settle for a torn t-shirt and baggy shorts. Invest in nice looking, breathable items from a womens boutique so that you can get a good night's sleep while feeling good about your appearance.