Simple Alterations And Customizations That Make You Look Better In Your Clothes

Posted on: 30 November 2016

If your clothes don't fit you perfectly, you may be missing out on an opportunity for a flattering silhouette. It pays to hire a tailor or seamstress to professionally alter your suits, dresses, and clothing, and you may be amazed at how much better clothes look on you!

Some alterations that can make your apparel more flattering include:

Your sleeves and cuffs. If the sleeves or cuffs of your shirts and jackets don't fit, you may find that it hinders movement and looks messy. Sleeves that are too long can make your arms look short, stubby, and unkempt. Have your cuffs altered, sleeves shortened, or buttons moved to ensure that your cuffs are the perfect fit and flatter the look of your hands and arms.

The length of your skirt. The length of your skirt can do a lot to your overall appearance and figure, making you appear slimmer or heavier in some instances. Shorter or heavier wearers are encouraged to wear skirts that just meet the knee, while tall or long-torso individuals may want to go with ¾-length pencil skirts for the most flattering look.

Seaming around your shoulders. Don't overlook the shoulder seams on your favorite tops, jackets, or dresses. If this is too tight, it could restrict movement; too loose, and your clothes will bag and sag. Have your tailor alter the shoulder seams to give you the lean, sinewy shape that will flatter any figure.

The placement of your buttons. Changing the position and placement of your buttons can make a difference in how a garment looks and how it feels when wearing it. Have your tailor move buttons for a comfy fit, while also giving you a leaner silhouette in your clothes. This is particularly true in jackets, suits, dress-shirts, and waistcoats.

The fit of tailoring. Make sure to have clothing taken-in and let-out as needed. If you gain or lose a few pounds, show off your progress with clothing that fits you right. Many people choose to have their whole wardrobe altered twice a year, in the spring and the fall; after all, a good fit is the most flattering look for any season!

If you spend money on your wardrobe, then it makes sense to have them professionally altered and tailored to fit you perfectly. Some buyers may choose to have clothes altered when they pull out their apparel for the coming season, to ensure they fit right and look their best. Use these tips to hone-in on how to alter your favorite clothing items!