Plan A Unique Family Portrait

Posted on: 28 November 2017

Have you decided that you want a truly creative picture to include in your Christmas cards this year? Perhaps you have decided that you want a family picture taken that you can use both for the Christmas card and for gifts to people like parents, grandparents and other close friends and relatives. From selecting a great setting for the picture to choosing equestrian show clothes for each family member to wear, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a unique family portrait:

The Setting - Of course, your living room or the front of your house is a great place to have your family portrait taken. That shows where you live, which people will enjoy seeing. However, it's not very original, is it? Instead, think of different places, both in your home and at a totally different location, where you can have the portrait taken. For example, if you love cooking as a family, have the portrait taken with all of you participating in making a special dish. If you love to swim as a family, don bathing suits along with warm winter scarves, warm hats, mittens and boots for a humorous picture taken in front of your pool or in front of another body of water.

The Clothes - Again, go with something unusual that you also enjoy. For example, wear equestrian show clothes for the picture. If your family actually rides, take the picture with your horse or horses. However, even if you don't ride, equestrian show clothes will still be a great thing to wear for your portrait. If you are willing to spend money on an entire outfit for each family member, go for it. And, remember that you can wear the clothes for other occasions, too. If you are not wanting to spend a great deal of money, simply buy equestrian show shirts for each family member. Think about having the guys in your family wear jean pants and the gals in the family wearing jean skirts. 

Don't forget that equestrian show clothes make great Christmas presents, too. Wrap them in boxes that have horses as part of the design of the wrapping paper. Another idea is to fill a pair of equestrian boots with traditional stocking stuffers and with things like high socks that can be worn with the boots. If you have an equestrian that participates in the competition, think about buying a dramatic outfit for him or her to wear in the next show.

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