How To Wear Your Leather MC Club Vest

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Leather is sexy. Leather is also, it is literally HOT. Problems can arise when you wear leather and ride on the back of a motorcycle hugging your man in the hot sun. You want to feel as good as you look. So, how can you wear your women's leather MC club vest, stay cool and comfortable, and still look incredible? It goes something like this. 

Wear a Silky Black Camisole or Black Tube Top Underneath

To stay cool, you can wear the vest by itself, but then you might end up with a wardrobe malfunction! Some vests are cut quite low. To avoid any tickets for indecent exposure on the road, wear a tight black tube top or a silky black camisole. Some women also wear lace camisoles, but the lace tends to get itchy if you wear it a long time. The silky camisole will help you stay cool and comfortably and appropriately covered.

Baby Powder

You have probably heard that the easiest way in and out of leather pants is baby powder. This is true, since leather tends to stick to hot, moist skin. The baby powder gets wet instead of the leather, and wet baby powder slides right off. It helps to baby powder up your back, breasts, and waist so that your vest does not stick to your skin.

Tight...but Not Too Tight

Motorcycle club vests are meant to be worn tight. That is fine and well, but you should make sure you can move, breathe, and be comfortable too. If you are new to buying an MC vest for ladies to wear, buy a size or two above your usual size as leather tends to stretch less and hug more. Better still, buy a lace-up one that lets you make some room by loosening the laces or tightening it by pulling the laces tight.

A Word about "Muffin Tops"

Yeah, you ladies know. "Muffin tops" are what happen when your pants are so tight that you get a jelly roll over the top of the pants. It makes your midsection look like a muffin. If you want your vest to look awesome and fit right, do not wear leather pants or jeans that are so tight that your vest cannot stretch over the roll. (Even slender ladies have to contend with the muffin top issue, so this is not directed at a specific group.) When your pants or jeans fit perfectly, your vest will lay flat and smooth over the top. Then your entire motorcycle-riding ensemble will look amazing.