Are You Planning A Family Camping Trip?

Posted on: 4 April 2018

Are you already making plans for your summer vacation? If part of those plans includes taking your family camping, that means that you are more than likely making preparations ahead of time. Of course, you might be seasoned campers that already own everything you need for your camping holiday. Or, it might be that you went camping in your youth as part of a church group or another organization. If this is your first time to go camping as a family, from planning activities to shopping at a military surplus store, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable event for your family.

Plan Activities - Of course, there's always hiking and maybe even swimming. However, think about taking your camping activities to a different level. For example, if you are planning to hike a lot, have a new focus for your hikes. Consider taking sketchbooks and pencils so that you and your family members can donor own nature artwork. If you'll be camping close to the water, consider finding out if there is fishing available. Plan evening events, too. For example, if you will be having a family campfire in the evenings, think of different things you can do to end the day. Consider asking your children to share the things they enjoyed most about each day. And, don't forget to share your own memories of when you were growing up. A not-too-scary ghost story might be fun, too. Or, end your day on a spiritual note, with a short devotional and a prayer.

Go Shopping - Head to an army surplus store! At a military surplus store you can find almost everything you'll need for your family camping trip. For example, look for tents that are easy to set up. Consider buying an extra tent where you can keep your supplies organized and out of the weather. At a military surplus store you can probably also find things like coolers, camp chairs, cooking equipment, compasses and flashlights. For extra fun, consider buying camouflage clothes for all of your family to wear. From T-shirts to comfortable shorts or slacks, camp clothes will be great for camping, as they are made of sturdy fabric. The bonus is that camouflage clothes and other items that you buy at a military surplus store will more than likely be very affordable. Don't forget to browse for things that might not be on your shopping list.