3 Things To Look For In A Long Sleeve Performance Tee For Tent Camping

Posted on: 18 September 2018

Long sleeve performance shirts are usually something you think of for outdoor team sports or hiking in cool weather. What you may not think of is the need for a long sleeve performance tee when you are camping in a single or double tent. Having the right performance tee is important to maintain your body temperature and to help protect your skin during the night. If you have a tent camping trip planned, and you will be dealing with cool or wet weather conditions, here are a few things to look for in the ideal performance tee.

Quick-Dry Material

The first thing to look for is a quick-dry material. Most long sleeve performance tee shirts have a wicking fabric that wicks moisture away from your body. The misconception is that wicking means quick dry which is not the case. Quick-dry material will be marked on the tag as quick dry. This means that if you wash the material or get it wet, it will dry in a fraction of the time of a traditional shirt. This is important because you may need to dry out after a rainstorm, or you may need your shirt to dry quickly after you have swapped it for another to avoid moisture build up in the tent.

UV Protection

You will want to look for a shirt that offers UV protection. Though any long sleeve performance tee will protect your skin from UV rays and sun exposure, UV protection labels indicate a higher level of UV protection. This level of protection will be rated from 15, which is average protection, up to 50, which is excellent. If you will be camping in areas open to direct sunlight, and your only protection is the tent, you may want to consider a higher-ranking UV protection for your high-performance shirt.

Insect Protection

Insect protection is about more than sprays and lotions. You need to make sure that your long sleeve high performance tee has insect protection fabric. This type of fabric not only meets high performance standards, but it also is styled in such a way to keep bugs, ticks, and pests from pushing through the fabric or biting you through the fabric. This is an aspect of the shirt that will be on the label of the shirt you choose.

These are only three of the things to look for when you shop for a long sleeve performance tee for outdoor tent camping. If you are ready to purchase a set of tees, remember to purchase the right amount to last you through your trip and for quick changes to remain comfortable and dry.