How To Dress In A Casual Yet Stylish Way When Going Out With Friends

Posted on: 19 February 2019

Have a night out with friends planned for the weekend? If you want to wear an outfit that you are going to feel both comfortable and confident wearing, you should start planning out what you are going to wear now. Because you are hanging with friends, you may want to go for more of a casual look with clothes that are fashionable yet simple and laid-back.

Choose a Stylish Vintage Tee

Vintage t-shirts are in style and are easier than ever to find. You can find these shirts available in different colors and with different graphic designs on the front of them. In fact, some vintage options have graphic designs of old school cartoons and celebrities that were extremely popular several decades ago. Even if you do not want to wear a shirt with cartoon characters or a celebrity on the front, you can still find dozens of other vintage options that are made of soft materials that feel good on the skin while keeping you completely comfortable.

Wear a Pair of Cuffed Distressed Jeans 

After you have found a vintage t-shirt to wear for your night out with friends, you can search for the perfect pair of jeans. Instead of picking out a traditional pair of jeans, go with more of a modern look and feel by selecting a pair of cuffed distressed jeans. The jeans you choose may have some distressed markings on the front of them in different colors, including white, dark blue, or even hot pink. If you are having a hard time finding distressed jeans, you can always create the distressed look on your own with a pair of old jeans and some scissors.

Add the Perfect Accessories to Complete the Casual Look

After picking out a vintage t-shirt and a pair of cuffed distressed jeans to wear, you can put on a few additional accessories to complete the casual look before heading out with your friends. Some of the accessories that will look great with your outfit include a pair of canvas sneakers in a color that matches with your t-shirt, a baseball hat in any color, and a stylish watch to wear on your wrist.

If you have plans to go out for a night of fun with friends and want to dress in a way that is both stylish and comfortable, consider putting together an outfit that consists of a vintage t-shirt, distressed jeans, and some neat accessories. The great thing about these garments and accessories is that you can find them at all kinds of department stores for some great prices.