3 Holiday Presents To Gift The Rasta Lover In Your Life

Posted on: 14 November 2019

Although gift cards are a gift that people love universally, they aren't exactly personalized. One great way to gift the people in your life with something that they will love is to take a look at their interests and then buy them a gift based on that. If you have someone in your life that loves the Rastafarian culture and reggae music, then why not gift them with something along those lines? This article will list three specific gifts to consider. 

1. Rasta Inspired Clothing

One easy type of gift to gift the reggae lover in your life is some Rasta inspired clothing like a Rasta zip-up hoodie. These types of hoodies typically have the Jamaican flag on them, the colors of the flag, some famous Rastafarian sayings, or even pictures of some popular cultural figures like Bob or Ziggy Marley on them. If you don't know the exact size of clothing your loved one wears or if you think they are in between sizes, then consider sizing up, because a lot of cotton clothing ends up shrinking after it has been washed and dried. 

2. Albums

Another fun gift to consider gifting them is one of their favorite Reggae albums. Because vinyl has made a big comeback, you may want to consider gifting them with a vinyl album rather than something like a CD or an online album. Why? Because listening to music on a record player is more of an experience, which can help make your gift that much more special. If you have it in your budget, try gifting them with several vinyl albums to help build up their collection. 

3. Rastafarian Flag

Rastafarian flags are a fun thing for anybody to hang up in their house as wall decor. And, there are several different types of Rastafarian flags that you can choose from in order to represent specific things that your loved one likes about this way of life. For instance, some of these flags have the Jamaican flag on them, while other ones have unique designs that are reminiscent of the Rastafarian culture. 

Choosing the perfect gift for everyone in your life can be a little bit difficult sometimes. Luckily, with a few gift-giving suggestions, you should be able to buy your Rastafaria- obsessed loved one a gift that they will enjoy and treasure for the rest of the year. To learn more, reach out to a store near you.