Consider Custom Embroidery On These Parts Of A Collared Shirt

Posted on: 28 November 2020

For many companies, ordering custom embroidery on collared, polo-style shirts creates a valuable article of clothing for employees to wear. Employees can wear these garments both when they're working in your office and when they're out in the community, the latter of which can help to spread the word about your organization. When you choose a custom embroidery company that can put the name and/or logo of your business on this type of apparel, you have several options. Having this information appear on the chest of the garment makes a lot of sense, but there are other parts of the shirt to consider for additional embroidery work. Here are some options.


Another part of the shirt that can work well for embroidery is the bottom of the sleeve, just above the cuff. You can do either sleeve or, in some cases, you might even wish to have embroidery appear on both sleeves. There are all sorts of ideas that you can consider. For example, if you want the chest of the shirt to feature the name of your business, having the logo appear on the sleeve can be a good idea.

Below The Collar

Collared shirts often have blank backs, but this area is actually a great place to put a design. Think about having your custom embroidery company add something to the upper back of the shirt, just below the bottom edge of the collar. A small logo can work well in this area, as can a short line of text. For example, you might think about your company's slogan appearing in this area, or maybe having your website URL listed. When your employees are in the community and standing in line-ups, those who are behind them will notice this embroidery and may look up your business on their smartphones.

On The Collar

If you're looking for something different, ask your custom embroidery company if it can place something on the collar itself. You'll want to keep this design small so that it doesn't appear too visually distracting, but adding one line of text may appeal to you. This can be a good place for your website, provided that the URL is short, or even a secondary logo. Consider each of these ideas and decide which will best complement the text or logo that you'll likely want on the chest of the shirts. Your custom embroidery company can show you images of all sorts of embroidery from past jobs to help you decide how to proceed.\

Keep these tips in mind when ordering custom polo shirts.