Why A Tall Mens Shopping Store Is The Right Choice

Posted on: 29 October 2016

The long hours, day after day, working every Saturday for 6 months straight, have finally paid off. You have gotten the promotion that you deserve.

Next on your agenda is finding an affordable men's store that sells top quality suits. You wrestle with the option of shopping at a department store or shopping at a retail specific tall men's clothing store, after all you are over 6 feet tall.  

There are several advantages of shopping at both. At tall men's clothing store, you can find a larger variety of suits tailored to the colors you like, your body shape, and style. A department store will have a wide variety of options, but your length could be a problem. For a man over 6 feet, the options are limited.

In a tall men's store, you won't have to worry about the pants being too short, or the sleeves not coming down to your wrist. Such a store offers variety, and are specifically tailored to fit a tall man.

Some men love to wear traditional black and grey suits while others opt for a more broad range of colors such as tan, yellow, red, blue, and all the shades in between. Outside of great color choices, a tall men's clothing store also carries a variety of name brand options to choose from.

 A department store, while they have a variety, may not have the option to get a tailored suit to fit. Likewise, the professional tailor working in the area may or may not be experienced in working with men above a certain height. They may not be able to provide information on the best looks and designers that fit them well, opposed to a specialty store, where an experienced tailor is always on site to show the customer which options are best for his body type.

Another advantage of shopping at a tall men's clothing store is the price. The best way to get a customer's attention and business is price. Such stores do not have to mark up prices like a department store would for the same brand, because they do not have to pay a middleman to sell the suits. Many specialty suit stores also have great sales during a season change, or if the store has extra inventory they need to get off their hands.

With that being said, walk in confidence on your first day in your new and exciting position, with a suit from a tall men's clothing store like Frank's Big & Tall Men's Shop